Yamagata Machine Translation Service revamped

Machine Translation

We’ve completely redesigned our machine translation portal Y-MTS. Y-MTS enables you to translate data in a safe, fast and cost-efficient way.

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The funny thing about Google Translate

Google Translate

Not a day goes by on the internet without someone bashing Google Translate for a stupid translation mistake. Memes abound and yes they are funny, at times. Articles on Google Translate fails are shared, liked and reblogged by freelance translators and LSPs alike. But is this helping the translation industry? I don’t think so.

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Boost your QA Productivity with Smart Sampling

Ms Accou is presenting a live GALA webinar on how you can enhance your QA process using the Smart Sampling methodology.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Broadcast

We wish you all the best in 2016.
We've made a video and promise it's not boring, really, just have a look.

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Yamagata Europe collaborating with iMinds


Yamagata Europe has teamed up with iMinds, Flanders’ digital research & entrepreneurship hub, to develop better business models and grow innovation.

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Yamagata Europe handles localization of Sensoa’s new site

Yamagata Europe has localized Sensoa's website into 12 languages. Sensoa is the Flemish center of expertise for sexual health in Flanders.

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Alma Mater Matters


Yamagata Europe belongs to a Japanese family owned company, the Yamagata Corporation (YCO). YCO has many overseas divisions and daughters in different countries, but Yamagata Europe is the only daughter without a Japanese expat from HQ.

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Yamagata Europe launches new website

New responsive website

Yamagata Europe has launched a new responsive website with a clearer focus on how we can help companies with their translation needs.

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Yamagata to present at DITA Europe 2015

Eef and Sien will be speaking at DITA Europe in Munich on how to translate DITA and how to create consistency with all other content in a large corporation.

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Eijffinger chooses Yamagata Europe to digitise wallpaper offering

Eijffinger, converter, importer, exporter and distributor in the area of interior fabrics and wallcoverings, has selected Yamagata Europe to digitise its wallpaper offering. 

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Differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese

I’ve always been fascinated by Romance languages, in particular Spanish and Portuguese from Ibero-America. One of the things that intrigue me most about them is how they differ among the geographical areas where they are spoken. 

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Yamagata Europe to hold 2 talks at Tekom Stuttgart

Yamagata Europe will be giving two talks at the tcworld conference 2015 in Stuttgart.

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Yamagata joins SCATE project

Yamagata Europe is now an official member of the Users Commission of the SCATE project from the KU Leuven University. 

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On the Road, or the truth about working from home

"I first met Dean not long after my wife and I split up" is how Jack Kerouac’s version of ‘On the Road’ begins. 

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