How-to video animations that keep your audience engaged

Yamagata Europe helps you create engaging instructional video animations that support your sales, pre-sales or after-sales process.

Instructional video that supports your business

Video content is gradually taking over the web. Video search has become the go-to source of information and the amount of online instructional video content is growing at rapid pace. Yamagata Europe is specialized in creating how-to video animation content that can be used to feed your customer’s online information hunger, to present on your in-store display, or as an addition to your text-based technical manuals.

We offer:

  • 2D hand-drawn animations
  • 2D stop-motion animations
  • 3D object animations

Value-added language services

Our team of language specialists makes sure your instructional video content will flourish in a multilingual context. Our wide range of language services include script creation, translation, subtitling, voice-over, and text-to-speech conversion.

Specialists in technical content

Be it as an addition or as a replacement, video can no longer be overlooked in your technical content mix. As specialists in the creation of technical content, we can advise you on how to select your video material and reuse your existing content sources most efficiently.

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Iseki Europe

“What is unique about Yamagata Europe is that you are assigned one and the same partner for translation, layout and printing. Having only one contact person makes communication so much easier from my side.”


“What I value about our partnership with Yamagata Europe is the correct and well-organised way of working. Communication is always smooth, information is bundled concisely and deadlines are always met, even for large-scale translation projects into multiple target languages.”

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